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While there is no indication that Larry Culp, GE's new CEO, has grandiose plans for the company, that may be because the company is in crisis today. Using this approach does require traded government bonds, available for only a handful of countries. Since GE will be trying to sell these businesses to buyers today, this is a pricing and not a valuation exercise, and I have estimate a pricing for GE's businesses below, using an EBITDA recomputed using the average operating margin in each business over the last five years to compute operating income and allocating corporate expenses to the divisions, based upon revenues.

If there is a lesson to learn from GE's fall from grace, it is that even the best conglomerates are built on foundations of sand. If you would like to watch the sessions on Apple iTunes U on your Apple device, try this link. Finally, if you prefer the data as a table, you can download the spreadsheet with the data or my more detailed country risk premium dataset.

None of GE's businesses seem alluring enough to attract multiple bidders, willing to Damodran country risk analysis premium prices, and given GE's shaky bargaining position, it is more likely than not that a rush to unload businesses will do more harm than good. The Damodran country risk analysis Mix Shift To understand GE's current plight, we have to go back to Welch's tenure as CEO, when he remade the firm, by moving it away from its domestic and manufacturing roots and giving it a global and multi-business focus.

Bataan Death March or Turnaround Play? The AV system used to record the lectures has changed and I think it is much improved. Updated for Fall class. Not only have they practiced denial when it comes to the additional risk that investors face in many markets, from political, economic and legal sources, but they have also considered risk by looking at where a company is incorporated, instead of where it does business.

Replacing income in each business with a normalized value computed using the average margins in each business between and improves the return on capital at the power and renewable energy businesses, but the overall conclusion remains the same.

The prior semester's webcasts can be found here. Culp should follow, it is less that of Steve the Visionary, and more that of Larry the Liquidator.

That ratio, which is 1. The picture below summarizes equity risk premiums around the world: Streaming video The file will be streamed to your computer. GE's biggest leap during that period was into the financial services business, and one reason Welch was attracted to the financial services business was its capacity to generate high profits with relatively little investment.

The other is YouTube. Don't get me wrong! Country Default Risk The more widely measured and accessible measures of sovereign risk are related to sovereign default, and as we noted in the post on currency risk free rates, there are three ways in which default risk in countries can be measured.

Corporate Life Cycle While there are different ways of framing GE's current standing, I will use the corporate life cycle, since it encapsulates the challenges facing the company. Note, though, that while this lesson may be learned for the moment, it will be forgotten soon, as are most other business lessons are, and we will surely repeat the cycle again in the future.

Only a corporate strategist could argue that combining companies in different businesses under one corporate umbrella, paying hefty premiums along the way to acquire these holdings, creates value, ignoring the logic that you and I as stockholders can create our own diversified and customized portfolios, without paying the same premium.

First, there are services that try to measure the political and economic risk in countries with scores, albeit with no standardization. It is a common play for emerging market companies to delist on their "risky" local markets and to re-list on a more developed markets.

From the perspective of having limited capital investment and growing quickly, that was true, but financial service firms through history have always had periods of plenty interspersed with bouts of gut-wrenching and intense pain, when borrowers start defaulting and capital markets freeze up.

For the syllabus and other details, visit the home page. My not-so-profound thoughts about valuation, corporate finance and the news of the day! The first is to use government bonds, denominated in US dollars or euros, issued by sovereigns and to compare the rates on these bonds to a US Treasury or German Euro bond rate.

His successor Jeff Immelt faced the unenviable task of following Welch, but managed to keep revenues growing and delivered high margins untilwhen the bottom fell out for the company. While that complexity served GE well in its glory days, allowing it to hide mistakes from sloppy acquisition practices and bets gone bad, it has bedeviled the company since To get a better sense of what the businesses would be worth, as continuing operations, I valued each of GE's business, using simplistic assumptions:Riskfree Rates and Default Spreads!

Aswath Damodaran! 2! Aswath Damodaran! 3! Aswath Damodaran! 4! CDS Spreads! Aswath Damodaran!

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5! CDS Spreads: Long term! Aswath Damodaran! 6! CDS Spreads: Short term response! Aswath Damodaran! 7!. In the short term especially, the equity country risk premium is likely to be greater than the country's default spread.

Country Default Spreads and Risk Premiums

You can estimate an adjusted country risk premium by multiplying the default spread by the relative equity market volatility for that market (Std dev in. In this paper we want to perform a systematic analysis and critical discussion of his CRP concept. It will turn out that Damodaran’s concept of a country risk premium (CRP) is of no relevance in academic circles, has no theoretical basis neither is the CRP concept empirically supported.

Country risk is a term for the risks involved when someone invests in a particular country. Country risk varies from one country to the next, and can include political risk, exchange-rate risk, economic risk, and transfer risk.

ifongchenphoto.com provides free access to a comprehensive and transparent country risk framework and country risk analysis. Aswath Damodaran Stern School of Business [email protected] Electronic copy available at: ifongchenphoto.com /abstract = the analysis to look at investing in equities in different countries by looking at whether country risk measures can be used by investors and businesses.

Damodran country risk analysis
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